New Year Festival @ City of Elmina

31st DEC 2022 & 1st JAN 2023 4:00PM Onwards at Elmina Central Park

Sime Darby Property's New Year Festival returns, bigger than ever before...with more food, more games, more fun and more excitement!

Join us for the New Year festival at the central park and take your New Year Celebration to the next level.

Over 25 activities for a massively fun weekend!
  • Vivid Spring in Netherlands
    Enjoy the clear scenic moment and immerse yourself in the tulip fields without travelling to Netherlands!
    Summer Dreams in Morocco
    Soak in the warm colours while you escape to Morocco and get mesmerized by it’s charming cultural influences all without buying an air ticket.
    Autumn in Korea
    ‘Be-leaf’ it or not! You can experience a Korean autumn in Malaysia! Get ready to capture some insta-worthy shots with a beautiful serene landscape that would wow your friends and family.
    Winter in Finland
    Embrace the festive season this holiday without spending for a flight ticket. Experience a winter wonder splendour for a truly memorable Christmas this year.
    Wall Climbing
    Rock on!
    Climb and challenge your capabilities on our child-friendly rock climbing course.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Flying Fox
    Soar to greater heights!
    Experience the thrill by ziplining through the skies and find out what the view looks like from above.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Pedal Go Kart
    Start racing!
    Satisfy the need for speed racing and experience the thrill of overtaking others in our challenging go kart tracks.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Mini Rope Course
    Conquer your fear and challenge yourself with the incredible mini rope course. Time to get your adrenaline pumping while you walk.
    Duration: 10 mins
  • Family Bicycle
    Ride away the calories together with friends and family while enjoying the grand view of the Elmina Central Park.
    Tree Nursery Tour
    Reconnect your roots with mother nature on a tree nursery tour guaranteed to be educational for the whole family.
    Duration: 10 mins
    Petting Zoo
    Make some furry new friends over at our petting zoo that is bound to be perfect for animal lovers, children and families to enjoy.
    Duration: 15 mins
    Free Fly Parrot Showcase
    Get ready for take off!
    Watch these intelligent little creatures as they put on a performance for all to love.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Pony Rides
    Yippee Ki-Yay!
    Saddle up on the back of these lovely ponies as you ride with pride.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Horse Carriage
    Make for a special time to remember with your loved ones by taking them on a romantic carriage ride through the park.
    Duration: 5 mins
    Hot Air Balloon
    Up up and away!Be blown away by the breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the horizons as you ascend to the skies.
    Duration: 3 mins
    Italian Carousel with Lights
    Create memorable moments by taking a spin and have a merry time with your loved ones.
    Duration: 3 mins
  • Flying Chairs with Lights
    Feel the wind blow through your hair as you sit tight for this exhilarating ride that is sure to sweep you off your feet.
    Duration: 3 mins
    Kids Paddle Boats
    Get your ‘lake’ workout as you paddle around and have a splashing good time with a scenic view all around.
    Duration: 3 mins
    Bouncing Castle
    Establish your realm of fun and discover the magical bouncy castle with slides and exciting obstacles.
    Live Parade Performance
    Spread your wings and feel the groove during our exciting LED live parade performances such as LED Tumbler, Led Lion Dance, LED Juggling, LED Stilt Walker, Fire Eater, etc.
    Food Bazaar
    Stimulate your taste buds and satisfy your hunger with delectable treats from various cuisines.
    Glamping Rest Hut
    Take a break and enjoy the scenery at our glamping rest hut.
click here for self-guided nursery tour
Immerse yourself in the Beyond 50 Experiential Tunnel

Dive into an immersive journey through five decades of Sime Darby Property and slide into the future with Sime Darby Property’s Concept Home 2030 showcase.

  • *Image source via Charles Gadeken

    Experience 50 years of Sime Darby Property

    Journey with us as we revisit our milestones across 50 years of building townships for all generations via an interactive experience that will enhance your senses.

  • *Image source via Team Lab Future Park

    Journey to the next 50 years

    Be excited for what is to come as you slide down into the future to see what it holds. This colourful and immersive experience will surely open your eyes.

  • Concept Home 2030

    Welcome! We are thrilled to invite you to step into the home of the future with our experiential theatre that will highlight four concepts of what a futuristic home looks like.

Spreading Across 3 Zones in the Elmina Central Park
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A 2 day festival within the City of Elmina's Iconic Park
How to get to City of Elmina
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For all you curious bugs, here are your most asked questions about the Sime Darby Property’s New Year Festival at City of Elmina.

What is Sime Darby Property's New Year Festival at City of Elmina?
Sime Darby Property's New Year Festival at City of Elmina is an epic Festival with 2 days worth of fun and glam! The City of Elmina will be transforming into a medley of 'Leisure, Culture, Sustainability and Prosperity' as Sime Darby Property celebrates its Golden Jubilee!
Note: In light of the floods happening in our country at the moment, the SDP New Year Festival will be a platform to raise funds for the affected communities. All proceeds from sales of event goodies will be channeled to flood-stricken households in the East Coast and a public donation drive will be organized at the event.
Where are you located?
We are located at:
Elmina Central Park
Seksyen U16, Elmina West, 40160 Shah Alam, Selangor
Where can I park?
You may park at our designated parking area. Please refer to our Event Map.
How many days and what is the festival hours?
Sime Darby Property's New Year Festival at City of Elmina will be opened for 2 days:-
Day 1: 31st Dec 2022 from 4pm to 1am
Day 2: 1st Jan 2023 from 4pm to 10pm
Is the event free of charge?
Admission and attractions are free with the exception of Food & Beverages.
I have registered online, how do I collect my ticket?
Once you register your tickets at: you will receive an email with QR code. Just scan your QR code at our registration counter on the event day and you will be provided with an entry wristband to enjoy all our attractions.
What are the key attractions at the festival?
Key Event Highlights:
  • Beyond 50 Experience Tunnel
  • Insta-worthy 4 Seasons Around The World
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Family Amusement Rides
  • Adventure Rides
  • New Year Parade Performance
Can I leave and re-enter the festival?
Yes, you may leave and re-enter the festival as long as you have the event wristband intact.
What should I wear for the festival?
Wear a comfortable attire and shoes as we have plenty of family activities and rides. You are encourage to bring your own picnic mat, umbrella or raincoat in case of weather conditions.
Are shuttles provided?
Yes, free shuttle vans are provided from parking zones. Scooters and bicycles will also be available for rent.
I'm interested to set up a pop-up stall/food truck at the event. Who do I contact?
Get in touch with us at
Get your free ticket!